Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, talks of future updates and DLC.

You may have recently seen this video pretending to be  promotional material for an up-coming “Nostalgic Map Pack” for Modern Warfare 3. Robert Bowling was asked if he could confirm this, to which he replied, “No I can not. We have not announced what our future DLC plans are at this point. Right now focused on free updates.”

It has also been discovered that older maps from Modern Warfare 1 and 2 were also found some of the game files of Modern Warfare 3, which you can view here. Returning maps is a definite possibility, though nothing has been confirmed.

As to what these updates mentioned above will entail, Bowling has so far confirmed that the lag and matchmaking issues will be their main focus. It was recently thought that only the PS3 was to receive lag fixes, but Bowling has made it clear that “both platforms will be receiving updates to address lag concerns.” In fact, it seems that other issues like balance aren’t even on their plate at the moment. Bowling recently stated that “no weapon re-balancing being discussed currently. Focused on gameplay and performance updates first and foremost.”

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